Client Work

“Maciek is a thoughtful and conscientious person. As a coach he possesses great knowledge and skills which helped me to organise IT projects in my startup.”

Maciej Żegarski, owner of CaseIWant


“Maciek is good coach with great agile knowledge. He helped me and my team get started with agile by training and coaching me on my way there.
I can recommend him if you are looking for your “agile starter pack” or have specific question about Scrum or Kanban.”

Artur Janicki, development team leader at Datality


“Maciej has brought new insight into how IT Development can help deliver business value early and continually. His approach is pragmatic and he is highly knowledgeable and well read about implementing the innovative Scrum and Kanban methods. I highly recommend him.”

Daniel Radziszewski, Senior developer at ING S. A.


“Maciej was a great, down-to-earth and zero-bullshit manager that was able to make the project “click” and progress without any noticeable hassle (and that always requires a lot of smart work from manager).”

Tomasz Stachewicz, founder at Rebased s.c.


“Maciej is good team supporter, have great approach with contacts with clients also have innovative approach at work.”

Norbert Szyszka, Tester at SMT Software


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